What will be the intensity of grants for business in Poland?

The upcoming EU-budget period (2014-2020) brings public funding opportunities for private companies in Poland.

New regulations on aid intensity will apply from 1 July 2014 onwards. The related aid-intensity map maintains the current level of grant intensity up to 50% in regions belonging to the eastern side of Poland, the other regions excluding the most developed, may receive support at the level of 35%. The best developed regions such as Lower Silesia, Wielkopolska, Silesia and Mazovia will receive 25% with the exception of the western sub-region of Mazovia (20%) and Warsaw-city itself (initially 15 and later 10%). Intensity will be increased by 10% in the case of grants for medium-sized enterprises and by 20% for small business. The form of aid is mostly cash grants, yet also (partial) soft loans.

In addition, the intensity of the aid distributed directly by Brussels (grants, which can be obtained by companies located in Poland directly from the European Commission), will maintain levels from 50% to even 100% for research projects. Furthermore, the European Commission increases the scope of funding programmes to innovation projects.

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